Joan’s snark on Obama and Mrs O was not said in a black hole and as soon as she said it I wondered what retaliation would be coming her way. I thought about Paula Dean and Brittany Murphy and others for whom retaliation was not long in coming for publicly disrespecting the President.

Was it a coincidental accident? Like Breitbart’s odd and early exit? We will probably never know.

Sigh. RIP Ms Rivers. You were funny and very brave and you will be missed.

Hopefully I’ve closed the holes and can keep this blog stable.  We’ll see.


True Blood Season 7 Episode 5 “Return to Oz” Writer: Craig Chester Created By: Alan Ball

I hate to link HuffPo but they are the only hardcore hold outs still watching the HBO series in it’s last season, True Blood. In last nights’ episode (and I could give a rat’s ass if this is a spoiler) some shady group with guns massacres every Republican at a GOP fund raiser for Ted Cruz at the George Bush Library.

It begins with really hostile mockery of Republican women and gets worse.

Go read the recap and dancing over at HuffPo

I read all the Charlaine Harris books right to the end. There are no politics. It’s entertainment. I enjoyed the first few seasons of True Blood on HBO, but as even Howard Stern will tell you, the writing went sour last season and they were given this last season to wrap it up. This last season has been a series of pointless murders and long, pointless conversations and painfully positioned pointless sex scenes, peppered with endless flashbacks.

HBO needed to cancel it at the end of last season, but for some reason gifted them with one last good bye.

I guess they are all drunk off their asses, or high, and decided it would be a great time to kill off everyone they hate, which apparently includes all Republicans. Next week they are probably going to Nuke Israel and the Vatican. At some point there will probably be a Northman Selfie with the Prez and some healthy eating tips from Mo.

I was trying to stick with it to the bitter end because I DO love Eric Northman, but I’ve already figured out that Sarah Newlin has the cure for HepV and everyone wants her dead before this is revealed, either to prevent the cure or for revenge for the HepV.

Last night’s episode was meant to be a “fuck you” and a slap in the face to half of the United States and it was a nasty piece of work. Fortunately, only a few people are still watching this show so most Americans have no idea, any more than they knew what the hell the Weather Underground and Manson Family were talking about most days when they were actively hating everyone who was not cool like them.

Sad end to what started out as a great show. I just can’t watch another episode after this last one and they probably didn’t want me watching anyway.

From the HuffPo Comments:

John R Costello · Top Commenter · PA Academy of the Fine Arts

How fitting…. blood suckers at a GOP event….aint it the truth, aint it the truth!

Kevan Moran Aponte – I know – LOVED IT….now waiting to hear complaints from RIGHTWING pundants today!

Little girls everywhere will be chanting this at church ;-)

Shani @TastyHorchata
“Oh…my…god… I’m a Republicunt” PAM I LOVE YOU!

This one wishes the massacre had been real.

Kenny Rhodes · Top Commenter · Colorado State University–Pueblo

Drats! It’s just a tv show. Got my hopes all up.


HBO’s ‘True Blood’ Mocks Ted Cruz, ‘Republic**ts’, ‘A**holes’

Geeze. Can this get any worse?

Sarah Palin Drives Stake Through Heart of ‘True Blood’ Producers

‘You built this nation, ok?’ the Academy Award winning actor told protesters as the rally began. ‘And what’s happening in Detroit is a model for what could be happening in this nation.

‘Instead of a nation for the .001 percent, it’s a nation for all.’

Read more:
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Tacitly endorsing Pocahontas Liz, the chronic liar and ersatz American Indian who used her fake ethnicity to get into Harvard and perks while there, Mark Ruffalo goes on to tell a bunch of people who have voted Democrat for 50 odd years and now find themselves in the city that such a voting record creates, without water because THEY DON’T PAY THEIR BILLS, that the rest of us need to foot even more of the bill for keeping these leeches hydrated.

Detroit should be bulldozed and they just need to start the hell over. They have ruined their town with politicians and policies that take but never give back and now they’ve taken everything that was there, so they want to expand and take everything else until the entire country is like Detroit. God forbid they should take a step back and try something different. Apparently the world owes them because they somehow managed to escape the abortion clinics Pocahontas Liz loves so dearly and now they need stuff. They don’t want to do anything in exchange for the free stuff. Their personal comforts are a human right.

Unbelievable. I can’t go to a movie or watch a TV show anymore without the thought running in the back of my mind that these actors are the stupidest people on the planet. Had he said anything intelligent to actually make the argument that we should make an exception for Detroit, when no where else in the country do dead beats get their bills paid forever, maybe I would not be on this rant. But he didn’t. He said a bunch of pointless crap. If he REALLY believed what he says, he would have them all live with him and support them himself. Of course he won’t. None of them ever do. Charity and compassion are directed by force in Ruffalo world.

It’s always something “someone” should fix, just not them. Unbelievable.

Liar Liz for President? Are they high? They must be high.

For some, yes. But if you were hoping for a plane to fall from the sky to distract the news from the Border Crisis, IRS Scandal, VA Scandal and the hundred other screw ups … well? I can see how you might be torn on this one.

I feel a game of golf and a vacation coming on.

We now know where to send the wave of border busters. The Democrats in DC have announced that their doors are open. Send the MS-13 gangs and terrorists to their homes. Send the kids and anyone else seeking to live here without going through the legal hoops everyone else has to jump, to the homes of all the DC Democrats and they will house them, feed them and put them through school and give them free stuff.

What Samaritans and god-like altruists the DC Democrats are, yes? Pelosi will probably put some of them to work on her vineyard and I was actually surprised she refrained from scooping up an armload of urchins when she visited the border a few weeks ago, quite honestly.

This is good news, really. Once they see how their homes, lives and finances are completely trashed by this sudden influx of people seeking the free-stuff promised by the President, they will maybe understand why the rest of us would prefer to enforce the laws of the land and have everyone get visas and go through the regular queue like everyone else has to.

Oh wait? It wasn’t YOUR doors that were open? It was MINE? Just MINE? Well THAT sucks and it’s dreadfully unfair of you to invite these people in and then not let them stay at your own homes. You can see why that would rankle, right? You are offering our towns and money and resources like you have some power over all of us to make that invitation and you chose not to be inconvenienced yourselves.

Never in history has a nation done this … I am combing through the books a google-ing and I just can’t see where that has ever happened or been allowed to happen. What exactly makes you all think American Citizens are going to just lay down and take this? You think you can shame us into accepting this? It’s a mess of your making. You are all lawless anarchists burying the entire nation under a mile of BS and you’re kind of outnumbered and way the hell out on a limb.

Our doors are wide open? Open YOUR doors and then we’ll see. The Border Patrol needs to bus them to DC Democrats’ homes and drop them off with the keys and full access to the home owner’s bank account.

Unbelievable assholes.


FEDS TO OPEN $50 MILLION RESORT FOR ILLEGAL CHILDREN – Complete With Tennis Courts, Sauna & Pools Posted by Jim Hoft