Welcome to a pseudo-political web log dedicated to spinning politics and the unspinning it.

The Bride of Rove nickname was given to me by my athiest, ACLU Liberal friend. While it was somewhat political, it was more because I enjoy taking a dogpoo of an issue and turning it around into fertilizer for flowers. Life is a matter of perspective. One person may think Walmart is evil because most of it’s products are built to break in a year and overflow landfills, but my argument would be, that the terminally ill need a place to shop, too and why make them buy quality that lasts if they can’t get their value from it? I am a published author. This blog is separate from my writing blog for obvious reasons. I don’t generally talk writing here and I don’t talk politics there because — in my case — the two are not compatible. There’s some kind of unwritten rule that fiction writers are not allowed to be conservative. Someday … or maybe never, eh? But this is our world here and now.

This is a semi-moderated blog in that the first post is held to make sure you are a real person and all posts after are open. Only personal attacks or x-rated language will be edited. Disagree politely and passionately all you want.

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