The book is finished and released off into the wild so I can relax a little now that my brain has unscrambled.

Where were we?

Reading the news I see that Newsweek is comparing Barack Obama to the Anti-Christ and that’s cool. It’s good that Newsweek clearly has no idea what the hell they are talking about and falls right in with my theory that the liberal media outlets are completely incapable of understanding what they see and read, so focused are they on sounding ominous and overwhelming the audience with empty imagery.

The American Media are shallower than a sheen of spit.

That’s why we all read blogs more than news sites anymore.

So let’s go to the blogs and alternative media sites where people still think before they react and write what they think based on reality.

Is anyone still writing? Let’s go see, shall we?

First Go-to is Pat over at “And so it goes in Shreveport”

We need to keep level heads as this discussion moves forward. There are bad people out there, crazy people to be sure, and it’s a plain fact that no amount of gun control will keep weapons from them. None of the proposals mentioned so far would have stopped the Sandy Hook massacre.

As for me, I’m going to learn how to shoot. I’m signed up for my first class already and I’m looking forward to learning. ~ Keeping a level head on gun control

She does a nice round up of the gun control discussion in the teeth of the President’s executive orders laid down on our heads like the tyrannical squid that he is. Shit happens. Crazy people go crazy and manage to do bad things. It’s when the seemingly sane people do bad things with guns that you need to react and it says a lot about us as a nation that we did not react to Fast and Furious. It says a lot that the majority of Americans heard about the President shoveling tens of thousand is weapons into Mexico, Libya, Syria, Egypt, and god only know where the hell else … it says a lot that Americans are unable to connect even the most basic dots on that activity and the reverse thrust here at home. Too stupid to live? Yea. I think so.

We can bring ourselves to have an opinion of Michelle Obama’s new Tina Turner wig, though.

He can’t even tell the truth about her wig. She looks like Puxiltawy Phil peeking out of his hole (no insults to ground hogs intended.) ~ Adrienne’s Corner


I will say this about the wig, She has come a long way from her college photo and if her hair is falling out at 49 and she needs to wear a wig, wear a wig.


I had planned a media blackout for tomorrow but now I’m having second thoughts. ~ Pundette

I was not deliberately ignoring the tv news but I actually was and then I had to pick up pizza for a party and sat there at Domino’s for fifteen minutes with CNN blaring on the tv and holy mother of GOD it was an avalanche of stupid. People were lined up waiting for the shows to start like it was the Oscars or something. The level of insanity and adulation being heaped all over the Obamas was disproportionate to the reality that household incomes are down more than 8 percent since Obama took office, unemployment is still hideously high, gas is double, your house is worth half what it was five years ago, more people are on food stamps and disability than any other time in the history of this country, The national debt has soared from 10 trillion to 16 trillion in four short years and he is demanding that we raise the debt ceiling higher for him and threatening to just go around Congress if they don’t raise it … and he is the second coming of Jesus Christ to these people who have no idea what the second coming actually heralds in for them.

Leave the tv off, Pundette. Just leave it the hell off.

I need to ease back into this blogging thing slowly. I think my head might explode.


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