I had plans this weekend to write 12,000 words and finish off my novel. I took Friday off from work because my husband and I were going out with friends. I had a lot of errands to run.

The bad news started early and was just relentless all day on Friday. My daughter is in the middle of a crisis, the shootings at Sandy Hook, the list is long and no writing got done, I have no Christmas shopping done, no decorations up and I am scanning the websites on a Sunday night just wondering what the hell is wrong with people?

Mr. Huckabee? You are not helping the situaiton by saying that if god was allowed in schools that a twenty Year old psychopath who is autistic and so nuts his own mom feared him … and she wasn’t altogether normal given the end of the world obsession she had going on there … god being in school would have prevented this? Are you high? Cut it out. You sound stupid and I know you aren’t.

The Westborough Baptist Church says they are going to picket the funerals. It’s time to Baker Act these people. Seriously. Let’s just call them crazy and stop pretending they aren’t. That thinking didn’t save the Sandy Hook shooter’s mom and it’s time to take them off the street. God has nothing to do with the way they behave either.

The Democrats are shoving through one freedom sucking new regulation after another while no one is looking and Boehner is crawling all over himself, abasing the entire Republican party while he thinks no one is watching … holy shit, man. Where are your balls? Find them and put them back on right now before you humiliate yourself and further. We may be grieving but we are not deaf and blind.

Hillary Clinton is faking a fall to get out of testifying and John Kerry, America hater and Military nemisis, is now the new Secretary of State.

The gun control freaks are in full throated scream-mode.

It’s all just noise, the white noise that televisions used to make when there was no signal-an absence of anything and yet the soundand strange static screen continue. No one is home there.


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