Ok. Look.

I haven’t been posting blogs, but it’s not because I’ve given up. I promised myself I’d get another book out into the wild for my own sanity and entertainment, and I only have so much free time in the day. And honestly, when things are as bad in the world as they are currently and there ain’t much you can do about it but observe the badness, realigning your energy to constructive activities is not a bad idea.

There are worse things I could be doing.

I have been posting some on facebook now and then and keeping up with the news and blogs, though. My husband and I have been trying to figure out how to weather the next decade and we really don’t have a good handle on it, to be quite frank. Conversations have been going like this in the evenings:

Husband: Did you see this? I can’t believe they are doig this.

Me: It doesn’t matter.

Husband: No really. Did you see this?

Me: It doesn’t matter. This thing? That thing? Doesn’t matter. We are completely screwed.

Then we go over the scenarios of what will happen if things fall this way or that way and determined that we are, indeed, screwed no matter what happens from here on out. There is nowhere to realistically run from the financial melt down – the man made financial melt down – the anthropologically caused financial melt down — heading our way.

It doesn’t matter what your income level is, you – YOU my friends — and I – are going to suffer. Right now I am rooting for the cliff to take us all down together at the same time. You want “fairness’? THAT is fair.

Life goes on, as they’ve learned in other countries. Well. It goes on for some people, others don’t make it.

I’ve tentatively run the numbers for next year based on the most likely scenarios and my best estimate is that the government is going to be taking, one way or another, an additional 7% of what we earn and the cost of living reality will take another 3 to 5% of what we earn. I didn’t shop Black Friday and I haven’t put up Christmas decorations and I actually might not do much for Christmas this year. It’s going to go to the US. Government in April. Merry Christmas Mr. President.

Does Obama’s $4 million dollar vacation for twenty days to Hawaii bother me? Does Timothy Geithner’s plan to tax the hell out of us and spend like a madman while granting the President God powers to raise the debt ceiling register with me? Do I care that we are again at five minutes to midnight, thrashing around in a financial “disaster” for no reason other than political manipulation?

Not really.

Go forth on vacation Mr. Obama and spend money like it’s inifinite.

Have fun Turbo-Tim with your insulting and mocking of the GOP and God bless us everyone and your elf ears, too.

The Fiscal Cliff show is at least as good as Beauty and the Beast on Ice.

It doesn’t matter. It’s like a game of “gross-out” or something. I am going to keep working and doing things that make my particular part of existence better and just hope that the fall will take us all down together quickly and at the same time in the same way. Our elected leaders are all worthless scum. Our system is broken beyond repair. We have no leaders.

For a writer, I must admit, these are good times to be alive. Charles Dickens did not have it so well, I wager.


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