I realize Glenn Beck was all over the man playing his obnoxious and snarky sound bites weekly. And it isn’t the snark that turns me off to him, believe me. No one likes snarkiness more than I.

I just never liked him.

Christie is a tease, a flirt, a gamer and none of the finesse required to pull it off. Stop playing with the reporters, Christie. They are not a toy. If he would cut that crap out I would like him but still not as much as Mitch Daniels

~ BoR

Kind of interesting to see the faithful fall off the wagon now.

I’ve been trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, even after he copped to weeping when Obama rewarded his Jersey photo op with a personal phone call from Bruuuuuuuce.


Did his defection at the eleventh hour hurt Romney? Most definitely.

It is what it is, man. History will decide whether or not Christie was the turning point. From my view he took the devastation of Jersey Shore and reflected it back on all of us. The damage in Jersey is nothing compared to what awaits us nation wide so I guess, in a way, Christie got revenge. He’s so damned shallow, and reactionary, though, he probably didn’t see it that way. But so it was. Misery loves company and Christie took the misery of one state and cast it back on all fifty, because he could.

Nicely done.

I wish he had just kept his mouth shut from the beginning and remained neutral on Romney. But he didn’t. He wormed his way in, made himself extremely visible and then just evicerated the ever loving crap out of Romney. That? Takes a cunning I would not have credited him capable of.

Et tu Brute?


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