Well not … bright, exactly … I guess. Um.

I mean we can’t pretend what’s happened hasn’t just happened and if your brain hasn’t completely shut down you are completely aware of what comes next. But I was thinking, in a nihlist, voyeuristic kind of way … and I do have kids so I am not completely numb to the horror of it … but in a “turning point in history” kind of way, how many humans know the exact moment civilization fell? I’ve read a lot of history and no great ruler or nation here in earth in the history of man has ever had so many of her citizens so completely awake and aware of “What just happened”.

It’s a hideous gift.

You know what I mean. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

You know what comes next, you can write the script.

And as it happens, as the dollar falls, as more middle class families fall into poverty and disappear, as we grow weaker and more vulnerable to the next war that will ultimately finish us off — mercifully. I mean, really. It’s almost the perfect metaphor for the baby boomer generation that made it happen, isn’t it? Everyone ages and everyone dies. We are a reflection of their decades of self indulgence now demanding to be cared for in our old age with out having earned that kindness and compassion and respect from the next generation.

We were not there to see the courage and sacrifice that heralded the beginning of the great experiment, but we ARE here to see the end of it. It’s a terrible honor. Because we know what just happened. We know what it means. We recognize what we’ve lost. We are seeing it happen in real time and unlike the passengers of the Titanic who had no clue what was unfolding or what it meant, we know.

It’s probably the hardest thing to do, to watch a world fall into ruin and see hundreds of years of hard work dismantled. It’s heart breaking to see the future you had hoped for, for your children, fall to pieces. But I believe that because we understand what has happened here and because I know we know that the scale of this is historic and thus unstoppable, I also believe we will rebuild it better when it’s over.

We will learn from this because we are lucky enough to live in the age of information where more people are wired in and more educated than ever before and have access to history and multiple perspectives on history. When these idiots are done tearing it all down and they eat each other — and they will, while we watch — we can rebuild it better.

They will, for the time to come, mock us for being “quitters” and “sore losers” and taunt us with stupid five year old insults. Let it roll off and ignore it. This is how it always plays out when a civilization falls. The “winning side”, completely oblivious to the disasterous prize they’ve captured, dance on the bodies of their enemies — and we most definitely are their enemies even if we never saw them as ours. Watch it and let it go and know recognize it for what it is,.

For now? Find it in you to thank God for this moment and the blessing of awareness that he’s tusted us to bear. We know what just happened. We know what it means to mankind. We know on which side of history we stood. Let go of the despair, brush away that burning need to enjoy the suffering that will inevitably follow this fall. Schadenfreude is not the way, my friend. It’s not the way. Protect the people you love and remember to help a stranger or two along the way if you can. Teach your children what you just learned and give them the skills they will need to pass on to next generations, because we are not done. We can wait this wave out. The United States may be done, but we are not. We will rebuild it someday, better than this.

Man, what a time to be here on Earth and what a ride. Amazing.

I did predict this …


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