Elizabeth Warren? Really?

The choice we face now, if we are honest with ourselves is, do we continue to watch this circus and participate in some way or do we shut it down. The patient has ejected the last of the brain cells that mattered to critical thinking. Do we watch the Obama’s on vacation, playing golf, basket ball, partying with Beyonce or do we focus on our own families and survival in the tax hike hell coming down the road and the hyper inflation that is now inevitable?

My fellow conservatives, it’s time to pull the rug out from under the free loaders and stop producing, stop donating, stop reading the news, stop watching the news … our attention is not needed and it just feeds the beast. Suck the air out of their room and let them suffocate in their own stupidity, avarice and smug sense of entitlement.

Burn it. That’s a wrap.


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