Roy Edroso – probably a perv ;-) linked me in a collage of outrage from the right blogs on Barack Obama’s ad asking you to let him be your guy for your first time.

The ad convinced some rightbloggers that Obama was after their daughters.

“BARACK IS BANGING YOUR DAUGHTER,” cried Bride of Rove. “It’s hard to imagine any woman not being revolted, anyone with a daughter not being scandalized,” harrumph-harrumphed Jennifer Marshall at the Heritage Foundation.

Man I had forgotten The Village Voice even existed. It was Daily Kos back before the Kos was cool.

Markos Moulitsas Zúniga

“…we have an imperative to take advantage of a historic opportunity to break the conservative movement’s backs and crush their spirits.”

Actually that wasn’t my primary topic of interest two weeks before the election. That? Was just another glimpse into how the left sees women. It ain’t a pretty picture, but I guess that’s the point. Equate voting for Obama with having sex for the first time … After seeing Chris Mathews orgasm on the air over Obama this ad is tame, actually. It was created to offend the shit out of moral conservatives and get a reaction so they could mock anyone who was un-jaded enough to still react like a normal person should. I forget which Alinsky tactic that is but it only works if the people who give a rat’s ass care whether or not they are mocked for being halfway decent human beings. It’s visceral, right? No one wants to be made fun of …? Except you look like an idiot mocking these reactions. It’s like people being horrified by seeing someone murdered and you mocking them for still having the capacity to be horrified by murder. The person mocking the reaction to murder is some kind of mind numbed ghoul.

Indulge me as I elaborate on this “mind numbed ghoul” meme for a few minutes?

I was shocked when I found out the Whitehouse had three hours warning that the Libya consulate was the target of an attack and did absolutely nothing.

It shocked me that the President was able to watch the attack live in real time, was informed about the requests for help and probably even knew Stevens was being raped, and still was able to go to bed that night and get up the next morning to go to Las Vegas for a political event.

I’m pretty numb to the constant lying so sending Hillary and Rice out to lie their asses off after about it being an unplanned demonstration didn’t particularly surprise me. The fact that he sent women out to lie for him, though? Have some self-respect, man. The guy is completely dead inside to do that to the women who work for him – take orders from him. What shocks me is that we don’t expect any better any more.

I’m disgusted that he’s trying to whip crowds into mobs and fomenting racial hate so intense that the twitter-verse is alive for calls to riot in the streets if Obama loses.

I gather that these things are all situation normal for you, Roy.

So. Mock me. I am still alive inside. Girls talking about doing it with Obama for their first time? Ain’t charming to me. It’s not clever. It’s not cute. It’s just a sad exploitation of young women and an insult to our intelligence.

But you keep writing the same boring, predictable shit. Link me and I might even skim it.


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