I took the day off from work to get ready for the kids. It’s my favorite holiday. I have no idea why.

On the love fest between Chris Christie:

I agree. It just looks better politically for Obama to pal around with Christie and pound in those bi-partisan creds he’s missing. New York will vote for Obama no matter what.

Quote: “A White House official told POLITICO after Bloomberg’s press conference that the White House called Bloomberg to let him know “that we planned to travel to New Jersey and to ask if he concurred with our assessment that tomorrow would not be the right time to visit New York City.””

I’m going to use that on my kids. “Do you concur with my assessment that you don’t really need that right now?” Piercing stare-down.

“… After the election I’ll help you, if I win … and if I don’t, well it won’t go so well for you. Know what I mean? No kvetching, kid.”



As to the hurricane, I live on an island ...

“The Florida Keys have been struck by hurricanes more than any other area in Florida with 19 direct impacts since 1851.”

I’ve lived on a few islands.

And even when I lived in Tucson, Arizona I got creamed by a hurricane IN.ARIZONA. Yes. I chronicle my life in storms. I’ve taken direct hits from so many I’ve lost count and if they don’t hit me they hit one of my sisters. I have great empathy for everyone up north dealing with the fall out from Sandy. But may I just be practical for a moment and share the up side to a monster storm like Sandy? Everyone significantly hit is going to need new appliances, furniture, home repairs, yard work, trees trimmed … the roads and bridges are going to be under even more construction. Recyclers get a bonanza of stuff to refurbish and sell.

Every now and then God shakes up the world and unplugs the pipes to get things moving again. In doing so he reminds us that we need each other and to cut the nonsense of trivial things and focus on the importance of life. Life, that thing we are given and take it for granted like morons. ;-)

After donating money to charity yesterday to help out, the next thing I did was buy a gas range\oven that I’ve been needing because you know the prices are only going to go up as supplies take a hit up north.

Stay safe. Inspect your Halloween candy. Get the rum chilling for tonight. And Happy Halloween.


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