You have to have seen the ad by now.

Reactions from the blogs:

Worth watching if only as fodder for a thought experiment on how a similar ad would be received if it came from the right. Light-hearted or no, it would bring about the “war on women” End Times, a days-long tribulation of fake-outrage oneupsmanship culminating in a moronic, pandering series of tweets from The One himself. Isn’t it just like a wingnut to sexualize the right to vote that women fought so hard for? Do they think women are too stupid to appreciate a straightforward pitch on the issues? Why can’t they be more sensitive, like Barack Obama?

~ New ad: Your first time should be with Barack Obama
by Allahpundit

The astonishingly inappropriate OFA ad is not only creepy and weird but speaks volumes about the bubble inhabited by the campaign faithful, who apparently see their guy as a teen heartthrob, and by the president himself, who, to put it gently, has some maturity issues
~ Ad: Vote for Obama and “do it with a great guy” by Pundette

You make the call, but, I have to say, if this is not the worst, it is among the worst

~ The worst political ad ever? by the Daily Gator

My reaction was basically, “Why would they WANT to equate voting for Barack Obama with getting screwed?



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