I realize everyone is completely wigged out over this election and I understand why …I get it. Pat wants to rant so bad she can taste it about some un-rantable topic. I have a friend who says her heart hurts and she doesn’t understand why? People are generally losing their minds right now, with less than a month to go, one last debate coming up Monday night and Gloria Alred claiming to have dirt on the candidate we all settled for but do not altogether like … well, he’s grown on us … it’s stress.

It’s hard to watch the Chicago Machine take down a good man.

Can I just say that, and have most of you agree?

No one wants to watch this, they just want it over. They want the vote to come before Obama slimes Romney with some sleezy half lie-twist-double-gainer. But even if Romney comes out of the other side of this nightmare in one piece and wins? The inbetween from election day to innauguration day is enough time for this administration to completely destroy us all with the tax hike, regulations and back room deals with a lame duck congress.

I’ve been hanging on to a bottle of Drambuie for years and finally opened it tonight. Something about that first sip over crushed ice as I watched the sun set over Florida Bay was like exhaling and releasing stress I did not even realize I was holding on to. This is the ugliest time in human history that I personally have ever witnessed and I have no idea how to process it, so I just observe the free fall and wonder at the badness unravelling in front of me.

Buckle in and hang on for the ride people. In your head just keep repeating Ryan’s Mantra: We can do this.

Edited to thank Politcal Clown Parade for the link back


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