The hit ads are everywhere trying to scare the hell out of women to get them to vote for Obama. Representatives have been all over the air waves repeating every nasty narrative they’ve got to upend Romney and it’sonly a matter of time before the whisper campaigns target Mrs. Romney.

That? Is inevitable.

There is nothing more dangerous than a narcissist with an average IQ suddenly awakened to the hint of a possibility that he is “not all that”. And? Having to finally work for something he wants or face failure in a popularity contest, something he’s never lost before in his life, makes a man mean as a snake.

Brace yourself for the show tonight’s debate promises to be. If you thought Biden was an insane man (Syria is way bigger than Libya so we cant invade it) facing off with Ryan then you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Obama has nothing to lose now and job one is to whip the riot machine into full gear.


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