I think I may be the only person in America that doesn’t factor in the dark side of Romney that makes it ok to stuff a dog into a large tupperware container (liberal friend wanted me to know that it was “air tight” and expected me to believe that — yeah. Ok.), smack it on top of his cheaply made, but pricey Cadillac, and drive for 12 hours … non-stop, apparently, except for the stop to hose out dog vomit or something.

You know what?


That dog is probably in heaven by now and it’s suffering has ended. Ours? Is just getting started.

My husband has been watching the news more and more lately which is very uncharacteristic of him because, on a normal day, his tv time is split between fishing and hunting shows and the ScyFy chanel. Did I spell that right? Does it matter? No. No it doesn’t.

He asked me who I think will win the Republican nomination.

Me: It doesn’t matter. Obama will win the election.
Husband: You think so?
Me: It’s inevitable and we need to stop kidding ourselves. We need to start preparing for what’s next or we are going to get our asses handed to us in the next two years financially. Better days are not coming here again any time in the near future.
Husband: I think so, too. I just didn’t want to say it.

If you hang out with only conservatives and refuse to even engage in the, always entertaining and informative, debate with liberals, you may think we have a shot at this in November. You may be all pumped up with facts and charts and the warm comfort of knowing that your views are locked down in solid logic, historically proven success and only a brain damaged moron would vote for four more years of Obama. And you would be right. Unfortunately, the mega-media that shovels entertainment and news at the populace are peddling the smug, feel-good, look how pretty, don’t look behind the curtain message and they have bombarded the “wired in” with “so 30 seconds ago” avalanches of stupid. There is no fixing this. It is what it is.

We are literally one tweet away from self destruction.

One ten second sound bite (‘Damn, I’m governor, could you just shut up?’), one tweet (Stop Kony), one facebook “like”, one influential idiots brain-dead regurgitation of a message whispered to them at some X-hazed Hollywood Rave, away from the exit. When they coined this The Age of Information, they did not say it was good information. Someone should have pointed that out earlier, I guess.

Truth hurts and most Americans do not want to face it. Our current President is an amazingly accomplished liar. And lies? Well. People prefer lies by a margin of ten to one. You could be staring at a mountain of murdered babies, rotting and eaten up with maggots, and he could sell you on the idea that it’s a shovel ready job creating boom economic catalyst for change we can believe in and people will buy that. They will argue that the babies were not really contributing to society and the betterment of humanity. They were some woman’s punishment for a mistake. They were a burden to society. Now? They are spare parts for people who contribute to the tax base, fertilizer for food, contributing to scientific advancement for the benefit of all mankind and if the old people would just stop bitching and moving around so much, we could put their suboptimally realized existences to better use as well, and in similar ways.

When the majority of Americans can seriously argue that unemployment is an economic boom, you are pretty much done here.

Remember the arguments that debt was a good thing because the interest the government paid on the debt stimulated the economy so, more debt, please? That was the eighties. We’ve perverted everything with that cognitive dissonance.

Think of it like the Zombie Apocalypse. My husband has been selling off things like the golf cart and boat parts and other toys so he can buy guns because, he says, the only way to stop stupid is with bullets. We hope it doesn’t come to that, but, honestly? It’s already at the gates and spreading. I did my part and bought a case of Spam and a huge bag of rice. I think we’re good. Because if and when Obama wins in November? The economy is only going to get worse. On the up side, I think Obama may be planning to start World War III this summer via Israel and Iran so … well … applying distopian survival theory, we could crawl our way out of this after all, if we survive it.

On the plus side, preparing for the coming idiocracy gives us something constructive to do.


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