Gardening today and cleaning, but taking a break for the moment to read the blogs and came across this post from the Unreligious Right. The Right Wing News’ “Ultimate Like/Dislike Poll” for People on the Right They didn’t email me for obvious reasons not the least of which being my tendency to not answer emails and a prediliction for flaky behavior. But I think it would be fun to answer here like UR did on their blog. Let’s see if I can actually pull together a coherent opinion before I get to the container garden planting. Square foot garden is done … sort of.

What do you think about Allah/Ed Morrissey (Hot Air)?
Like the blog. Only like a few of the regular commenters. Like the way they let threads go all the way to hell and back. Never ever heed the call to oust the trolls. And please post more Chris Mathews hate. I live for those posts.

What do you think about Michelle Bachmann?
Ok let me say this … I am Christian in spite of everything, including my strange American Indian\Jewish upbringing with feminist overtones, I sincerely believe in God and Jesus Christ. My husband and I worked our asses off to pay for a private non-denominational Christian school for our kids because we suck at BEING good Christians and are hoping our kids benefited from the great examples I see every day at their schools, but … as I said … I profoundly dislike what man has done to The Word, especially the anti-women parts. I’m not going to pontificate further but it colors my opinion of Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin a great deal. Glenn Beck, too. I think she is much smarter than she lets on and she speaks in deliberately simplistic terms for effect. I don’t think I am her target audience but I like her. She’s good people. She’s done great things. Would I want to be like her? No. The world needs cynics. That’s my gig. The Bachmann’s of the world inspire and lead the way. The BoR’s of the world are here to make sure “The Way” isn’t off a cliff into the rapture. So. “Like” but not like BFF Like, k?

What do you think about Glenn Beck?
Entertaining. Far, far too black and white for me to truly like-like. He provides a certainty that most of his fans appreciate in a world that is actually governed by a butterfly effect of forces beyond most people’s ability to anticipate or capitalize on and that’s by the Grace of God. He needs to let go and live or he will die young, never appreciating the beauty that is entropy or understanding the concept of inifinity that is the condition of a soul’s journey. I go with “Like” but I feel bad for him. I feel worse for the people who work for him.

What do you think about John Boehner?
I like him. He has a sense of humor. He’s a pragmatist. He clearly understands the nuances of the job he’s undertaken. He’s been poor and he’s been rich and he appreciates being rich enough to want it – obviously – for people who are willing to work to get there. He flakes now and then but he can kick Obama’s ass in golf and that puts him firmly on the “Like-Like” side for me. Get that POS of a poser to play you John and then hand him his surrender monkey ass for me.

What do you think about Andrew Breitbart?
I can’t really talk about Breitbart because I – though happily married – have a crush on him. This means I probably wouldn’t like him if I ever met him because every crush I ever had ended badly.

What do you think about David Brooks?
I wish he would stop pretending to be a conservative. I don’t dislike him, I just dislike the lie he’s living.

What do you think about Pat Buchanan?
Dislike. Sheens of water sleucing over glass are deeper than Buchanan.

What do you think about George W. Bush?
I like his wife. I voted for Cheney.

What do you think about Dick Cheney?
I wish he were President. He makes me feel safe. He gets the reality of the dangers we face, He understands what needs to be done. He has no morals about doing the hard things for the right reasons. Love Cheney like a second father.

What do you think about Chris Christie?
Dislike. A lot.

What do you think about Ann Coulter?
Like and Dislike. When she says things just to piss people off and for no other reason it drives me nuts and she does that on every book release. Other than that she’s incredibly smart and makes no apologies for it. My kind of woman. If she also liked cats she’d be BFF material.

What do you think about Mitch Daniels?
How can you NOT like Mitch Daniels?

What do you think about Jim DeMint?
Like. Wish he were charismatic as well as being a brilliant constitutionalist. He’s never wrong. Ever. He is the rock in a hard place. If only he were a bigger force to be reconed with … Obama would never have happened to us.

What do you think about Erick Erickson?
No opinion.

What do you think about Pamela Geller?
Hmm. she is relentless, isn’t she? I think I would love to meet her. I suspect she would not like me, much. There are times, like the birth certificate battle, where I think she goes off the rails and doesn’t differentiate between the battle and the war. I would love to chat with her about the neccessity of strategically leaving a fight in progress, suck the wind out of the crazy sails and hit them where they least expect it, but she is a juggernaught. Let’s go with “Kinda-like” but “don’t relate”. She kinda scares me actually.

What do you think about Newt Gingrich?
Dislike. Infidelity. I am not a fan. And. I believe it goes bone deep in everything an individual does. There’s no such thing as a former cheater.

What do you think about David Frum?
Dislike quite a lot. What kind of idiot picks a fight with Mark Levin and then has his kid call Levin to try to make him feel bad? WTH WAS that? How old is he anyway? Grow up, man.

What do you think about Sean Hannity?
Every now and then I listen to Hannity on the radio because there is nothing else on and I am always surprised at how well he handles the liberal callers. He’s simplistic and repetitive, but people underestimate how smart he is. Likeable. I’d have a beer with him even though I’m not a big fan.

What do you think about Jim Hoft/Gateway Pundit?
That blog is a daily read for me but I don’t have a real opinion about Hoft himself. Ambivalent.

What do you think about Mike Huckabee?
I’m going with the Unreligious Right on Huckabee and saying “Dislike”. I’ll just leave it at that.

What do you think about The Koch Brothers?
I don’t know anything about them.

What do you think about Charles Krauthammer?
Whoof. The man is ten kinds of awesome and amazing. Never, ever die Charles.

What do you think about Mark Levin?
At first I hated him. Now? Love him.

What do you think about David Limbaugh?
No opinion

What do you think about Rush Limbaugh?
Ambivalent. I’ve listened to his show a few times but he’s hit or miss for me. I love that he’s in Obama’s head screwing with it every day, but he has a meanness about him that repels me even as it fascinates.

What do you think about GOProud?
No Opinion – don’t know enough about them to say

What do you think about Michelle Malkin?
Like-dislike on this one. She’s been profoundly wrong on facts enough that I don’t trust her. She seems nice, her opinions run in line with my own mostly, but there’s just something about her that makes it impossible for me to “heart Michelle”.

What do you think about Meghan McCain?
There’s no point in saying anything about her. At some point she will grow up, look back on these past few years, and cry. Until then just leave her to it.

What do you think about Mitch McConnell?
Who? Has he said or done anything that matters or was helpful? I honestly can’t remember any shining moments for him. Dislike.

What do you think about Dick Morris?
Like. But I can’t tell you why for the life of me.

What do you think about Christine O’Donnell?
One of Levin’s few mistakes. Dislike.

What do you think about Kathleen Parker?
Dislike … a lot.

What do you think about Bill O’Reilly?
No opinion. He’s from another generation.

What do you think about National Review?

What do you think about the NRA?
They’ve done some very bad things. They’ve done some good things. Ambivalent.

What do you think about Sarah Palin?
Like. I can’t relate to her personally but even a moron like myself can recognize when another woman is the genuine article. I absolutely love how much she eats the brains of liberals supposedly oh so superior to her – and the rest of us. I can’t imagine the force of will it required to come out on the other side of that election year fire not only intact, but capapble of redirecting the national conversation regardless of WHO is trying to control it, POS President included. She is a force of nature, that one. I bow.

What do you think about Ron Paul?
I think he’s nuts.

What do you think about Rand Paul?
See Ron Paul

What do you think about Glenn Reynolds/Instapundit?

What do you think about Dan Riehl?

What do you think about John Roberts?
Like. Oh to have an inside look at that man’s thoughts … the wonders you would see.

What do you think about Mitt Romney?

What do you think about Karl Rove?
Like. Love the way he thinks. Wish he’d say less and manipulate more. The Karl Rove’s of the world were never meant to be on Fox News. They are bigger than that. Ditto for the asshole that got Obama elected whoever that was … genius.

What do you think about Marco Rubio?
No opinion. I suspect he will disappoint everyone and sooner rather than later.

What do you think about Paul Ryan?

What do you think about Michael Savage?
See Ron Paul

What do you think about Joe Scarborough?
Hate. I mean really hate.

What do you think about Thomas Sowell?
No opinion

What do you think about Fred Thompson?

What do you think about Scott Walker?
Amazing man. Like him a lot.

What do you think about The Tea Party?
No opinion

What do you think about Allen West?
Like. Admire. Wish we were related somehow, actually.

What do you think about George Will?
Hate. It’s really hard to hate him a lot because he doesn’t write his own articles so I also hate the staff that assembles the crap he writes almost as much as I hate Will.

What do you think about WorldNetDaily?
See Ron Paul


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