I had plans this weekend to write 12,000 words and finish off my novel. I took Friday off from work because my husband and I were going out with friends. I had a lot of errands to run. The bad news started early and was just relentless all day on Friday. My daughter is in […]

Go read this rant by Bernie Goldberg for your feel good article of the day. “envy is a powerful force, most Americans would have no problem if taxes were to go up on the so-called rich. Why should they care, they would figure? “My taxes aren’t going up.”” Yeah. He said it. I second that […]

Today’s Quote via And So It Goes in Shreveport: We’re up to our asses in alligators right now and the worst is yet to come. I could not agree more completely. I posted an old movie clip on Facebook “Do you really wanna jump? Do ya wanna? Then let’s jump.” I have been reading the […]

Well the party season has begun. What are the super rich trend setters wearing? Michael Kors The material looks like it was recycled from that cool gold crinkley material they used on the lunar lander. so it’s green. The style? Hides a multitude of figure flaws but is not all that flattering. I give it […]

Ok. Look. I haven’t been posting blogs, but it’s not because I’ve given up. I promised myself I’d get another book out into the wild for my own sanity and entertainment, and I only have so much free time in the day. And honestly, when things are as bad in the world as they are […]