I realize Glenn Beck was all over the man playing his obnoxious and snarky sound bites weekly. And it isn’t the snark that turns me off to him, believe me. No one likes snarkiness more than I. I just never liked him. Christie is a tease, a flirt, a gamer and none of the finesse […]

Well not … bright, exactly … I guess. Um. I mean we can’t pretend what’s happened hasn’t just happened and if your brain hasn’t completely shut down you are completely aware of what comes next. But I was thinking, in a nihlist, voyeuristic kind of way … and I do have kids so I am […]

Elizabeth Warren? Really? The choice we face now, if we are honest with ourselves is, do we continue to watch this circus and participate in some way or do we shut it down. The patient has ejected the last of the brain cells that mattered to critical thinking. Do we watch the Obama’s on vacation, […]

Dude. Roy Edroso – probably a perv ;-) linked me in a collage of outrage from the right blogs on Barack Obama’s ad asking you to let him be your guy for your first time. The ad convinced some rightbloggers that Obama was after their daughters. “BARACK IS BANGING YOUR DAUGHTER,” cried Bride of Rove. […]