I took the day off from work to get ready for the kids. It’s my favorite holiday. I have no idea why. On the love fest between Chris Christie: I agree. It just looks better politically for Obama to pal around with Christie and pound in those bi-partisan creds he’s missing. New York will vote […]

You have to have seen the ad by now. Reactions from the blogs: Worth watching if only as fodder for a thought experiment on how a similar ad would be received if it came from the right. Light-hearted or no, it would bring about the “war on women” End Times, a days-long tribulation of fake-outrage […]

Mostly what I’m getting from this “debate” is Obama speaking on behalf of Romney. He starts by saying what he believes Romney WOULD say and then pounces the ever loving crap out of his imaginary frenimy. It would be cute as hell if it weren’t so damned pathetic. Romney “That’s the height of silliness.” Why, […]

I realize everyone is completely wigged out over this election and I understand why …I get it. Pat wants to rant so bad she can taste it about some un-rantable topic. I have a friend who says her heart hurts and she doesn’t understand why? People are generally losing their minds right now, with less […]

The hit ads are everywhere trying to scare the hell out of women to get them to vote for Obama. Representatives have been all over the air waves repeating every nasty narrative they’ve got to upend Romney and it’sonly a matter of time before the whisper campaigns target Mrs. Romney. That? Is inevitable. There is […]

The moderator and Gigolo Joe are tag teaming interrupting Paul Ryan. Even so, he’s answering respectfully and patiently. Joe is smirking and making faces and just generally being an ass. Effective? Meh. He’s taking the Daily Kos tact. You will recall these quotes Markos Moulitsas Zúniga “…we have an imperative to take advantage of a […]

Sigh. Here’s the thing. And I have a feeling Ryan’s camp has said this, though I can’t say for sure. The optics? They are bad. Young gun vs Drunk, affable oldster Not gonna go well. The Other McCain has a post on it. He quotes Michelle Malkin. If Biden was supposed to have been the […]

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