Lean forward is the new NBC slogan and I never fully understood it until this morning. My husband was on a tear over a case that he disagreed with … it went something like this last night: (warning – graphic language) . . . . . . . O1: We have to throw everything we’ve […]

Members of the Chicago Teachers Union will reportedly receive 16% raises, over three years, in exchange for accepting a new teacher-evaluation system that relies partly, but not heavily, on student test scores. ~ Rahm Emanuel: Rahmbo at the School Barricades The day the strike began and it was all over the news my mother was […]

Obama gave NASA a new charge. The 21st century final frontier; going forth into Muslim countries to bolster their feelings. NASA administrator Charles Bolden said in an interview with al-Jazeera that NASA was not only a space exploration agency but also an, “earth improvement agency.” Bolden said, “When I became the NASA administrator, Obama charged […]

An article in the Washington Post breaks down the unemployment numbers and the details are grim. Our kids are not working and our parents are not retiring and enjoying their last years of life. And the kids who ARE working are probably still living at home because they can’t aford to live anywhere else. I […]

Let’s start with the most important thing. Apparently Ann Romney is not a famewhore like Michelle Obama. For that reason alone would I vote for her husband. ‘Republicans have recently been less eager to appear in the magazine. A hoped-for profile of Ann Romney fell through earlier this year, says one person with knowledge of […]