Oh yeah. It has a nice beat and you can dance to it. Go get it on iTunes. Why thank you HuffPo, that was a very good speech Artur Davis Delivers Speech At Republican Convention www.huffingtonpost.com Pundette was on it. Maybe we should have known that night in Denver that things that begin with styrofoam […]

Never have so many people with whom I have so little in common tried so hard to relate to me and my life. I totally “get” that they are trying to connect with voters, but the voters who vote conservative do not give a rat’s ass about warm fuzzies and we do not want our […]

Tropical Storm Isaac is apprently going to become Hurricane Isaac tonight just before it hits me. I realize it’s self centered and arrogant to say that it’s going to hit me when, in fact, it’s going to hit all of us here in the Florida Keys, but it WILL be hitting me some time on […]

Liberal blogs are all giddy over this exchange. Sorry for the pop-up-stupidity. It’s like watching monkeys jumping up and down scratching their butts. The news person cites specious sources and smirks like she knows what the hell she’s talking about and? She’s annoying as hell. Plus, she is wrong. This is what passes for fact […]

FRIDA GHITIS is insane. Read this editorial. One-by-one these countries are falling to the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that is sworn, along with Hamas, to wipe Israel off the map. Whether you agree with Arab Spring or think the dictators being upended are bad people, whatever your religion, ethnicity or gender, there is no possible […]

Eye of Polyphemus repeats a rumor. I thought he was married to Tea Leone? Ace lifts the curtain on a moralizing douchebag-douchebaggery, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. Time’s Douche Fareed Zakaria Plagiarizes Passage, & Apologizes; But He’s Done It Before —Ace Dysfunction Junction is writing for real! Check Out My First Article At […]

One of the first things my twenty year old son said to me today was, “Paul Ryan. Are we happy about this? I mean who is he?” Me: Not before coffee, kid. Son: It’s ten am. Me: He’s not a horrible choice. He can eviscerate Obama in a debate so … Biden has NO chance. […]

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