So. While the world is on fire I decided to change jobs and it’s a fairly big change so I am busy as hell closing down shop in one place and reading up on the systems in the new place. It’s going to be a few weeks before I have anything rational to say on […]

I have very few personal axioms, probably because I think attempting to lasso life with rational thought is a fools errand best left to intellectual idiots, but there is one I absolutely stand by and repeat fairly often. The amount of truth in an article is inversly proportional to the amount of outrage it generates. […]

Let’s start with the guy who is supposed to be the baddest badass of them all being afraid of his own baddass soldiers. Pathetic. This? This is what is leading our military. Pretty much tells you everything you need to know about our current situation doesn’t it?. Leon Panetta visits Afghanistan: Hundreds of U.S. Marines […]

Michelle Malkin’s newest blog mines Twitter, finds gold ~ A Conservative Lesbian Twitchy apparently selects funny or useful tweets that link to a news site providing the full story. So Twitchy is leveraging the smartness — or smartassery — of the selected tweet’s author. I’m betting that there will be tweeters who will become favorites […]

I think I may be the only person in America that doesn’t factor in the dark side of Romney that makes it ok to stuff a dog into a large tupperware container (liberal friend wanted me to know that it was “air tight” and expected me to believe that — yeah. Ok.), smack it on […]

Remember how much I despise Newt Gingrich? Here’s a reminder of why. Newt Gingrich was the latest Republican presidential candidate to distance himself from the controversial radio commentator Rush Limbaugh following his tirade against a law student that he deemed a ‘slut’. Appearing on a Sunday morning news program, Mr Gingrich said that it was […]

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