I had to turn Glenn Beck off this morning because, for once, he was making sense to me. I have not hidden my intense dislike of The Grinch on this blog. Who the hell has to take an oath of fidelity to their wife? And IF you are the kind of person for whom this […]

Former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, who somehow managed to MAKE money while everyone else was going broke during the crash, wants to reveal deep dark secrets from the closed door meetings she attended. She says she has the insider dirt on Newt, and I’m sure she does. I bet she’ll throw all pretense […]

Yeah. I don’t remember that time either, actually. So. Where do things stand in the race for President, now that everyone’s favorite John has dropped out? We’ve got Newt who has the integrity and morality of an alley cat, but an impressive IQ … which means he knows the shit he does is wrong, and […]