Definition: Cloth bag filled with stuffing to support a reclining head. Description: Most home décor gifts end up in the Charity bin or the closet. Give a gift they will keep out on display, close enough to foul the very air they breathe. Each pillow case is hand made lace over watered silk, stuffed with […]

(…) the news here is that there’s apparently enough of a problem that they felt obliged to publish a pamphlet dealing with the subject at all. I confess, I haven’t been to any tea-party rallies so you’ll have to tell me: Are there a lot of “here’s what to do if you’re raped today” fliers […]

Something tells me that Joe should stop promoting the “Jobs” bill as way to reduce the number of rapes here in the US. Work doesn’t stop a rapist from raping, it just limits the time a rapist has to case out victims and rape them. But if the rapist is hanging out with the OWSers, […]

But is it constitutionally do-able? And is a VAT tax not the root of all evil? Famed supply-side economist Art Laffer​ told HUMAN EVENTS that Cain’s “9-9-9″ plan was a pro-growth plan that would create the proper conditions for America’s economy to grow and thrive again. ~ Godfather of Supply-Side Economics Supports Cain’s ’9-9-9′ Plan […]

I saw this on Drudge and let it go for a few hours. It’s lunch time. It’s still annoying the crap out of me … Bachmann: “The 9-9-9 plan isn’t a jobs plan, it’s a tax plan.” She says it could lead to a VAT and it gives the feds a new revenue stream. OMG. […]

“(…)over the last few months her indecisiveness has been a major turn off. Palin was like that hot girl in high school who did not want to date you, but did not want you to date anyone else.” ~ “What May Very Well Be My Last Word on Sarah Palin”, Eye of Polyphemus “Well, which […]

Pundit & Pundette’s love of writer Mark Steyn … you know at first I ignored it because I’d never heard of him, which should tell you how seldom I listen to Rush, and how limited my reading of conservative web sites is … eventually I clicked through and read a few articles and ultimately I […]

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