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I don’t know what is more disturbing, the wedding or the fact that she is wearing a Michelle Obama Boob-Belt. Fashion note: If you have boobs, you don’t need to wear that style. You don’t. It just makes you look fat. Self Explanatory: Limbaugh: ‘Why Isn’t $6 Trillion a Year Enough to Fix Potholes?’ Ahahahahahahaha! […]

Let’s talk about the reality TV show Survivor and speculate, for no reason, really, no reason at all, that Russell Hantz’ nephew, Brandon is actually a repressed serial killer. Sara M over at TWoP is hyper-focused on religious hyperbole and trying to make him into the everyChristianwhoeverlivedandis alwayahypocritbecauseonlyatheistsaresmart tool, but she says, herself that he […]

. Is there anything funnier than another day of people begging Chris Christy to run for President. You know I am not a fan, right? I think I’ve mentioned that. The real question should be, why hasn’t Palin joined the lists? Links Layoff greeting cards. growth industry trending up to the rafters and I know […]

It is off season in Everglades City, just east of Naples Florida and deep in the mosquito infested swamp of the Everglades. It’s rivers lead into the 10,000 islands that end at Cape Sable which is where the huge Florida Aquifer flushes out into the Florida Bay. September is the dead season in this town […]


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Bristol totally could have taken him: Bristol Palin Verbally Attacked By Heckler: ‘YOUR MOTHER’S A WHORE’ This blogger has the really bad, born with it and may someday have emphesema, kind of asthma even as she is watching her mother slowly die of interstitial lung disease, so … this one from Ace of Spades affects […]

The last two days have been work intensive so any posting I’ve been able to do has been notes from what I read on breaks. I took a vacation day today to get my taxes done before the October 15th deadline. Ok. They already have all of our money and probably owe us money back […]

Job Sharing, it’s what all the good little communists are doing. Coming soon to YOUR place of work. Why the Glenn Beck hate, Sweden? Ahahahahahahahahaha! Todd Palin ‘will file for divorce and advisers tell Sarah White House dream is over’ after release of explosive biography Aaahahahahahahahahahaha! I am going to hold my breath on that […]

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