Was it Mike Church? I think that it was. Levin called Mike Church a “neo-confederate”, “a schmuck”, and “a kook” last night and was mocking his calls for a rewrite of the Constitution. Actually, I don’t remember Church talking about rewriting it, he wants to declare it a null and void contract because the Federal […]

Honestly? I’ve been meaning to blog something meaningful but the world is on fire and I just don’t care. The fact that Vice President Biden could put a reporter in a closet for well over an hour with a “guard” at the door to keep him from talking to anyone pretty much sums up things […]

Was there ever a more perfect story demonstrating what our Nation’s press are reduced to than this? Vice President’s staff lock journalist in a closet for hours during a fundraiser to stop him talking to guests By Simon NevilleLast updated at 2:56 PM on 27th March 2011 But some guests were shocked by the Vice […]

Someone want to translate this email for me? The writer of this email has clearly been hanging out in the nuclear power plant spent rod cooling pool just like Ann told them to … ANN COULTER IS EXCELLENT what she does is use the left’s tactics to expose it’s own hypocrisy. Check out everyone of […]

Rock’n the Casbah The good part starts around 2:45 in … U.S. Tomahawk Cruise Missiles Hit Targets in Libya Like it was yesterday. It’s weird, though. Obama kicks off a war even as he heads out for the first of his spring vacations. The man multitasks like a Moth^!#F#@er doesn’t he? Amazing. Check the dress. […]

A few days ago I said: What do you think about Ann Coulter?Like and Dislike. When she says things just to piss people off and for no other reason it drives me nuts and she does that on every book release. Other than that she’s incredibly smart and makes no apologies for it. My kind […]

All the cool B-listers come to Miami now. I wonder what the essay said that won them the visit. I heard there were tens of thousands competing. Oh wait. that was for High Schools. Hmmm President Barack Obama returns to Miami April 29 — as commencement speaker Word is that the president will return to […]

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