Nothing pisses me off more than having to drop down to MySQL level and toggle settings but that’s what I’ve finally had to do on this blog. 90 spam comments an hour is more than even I’m willing to kill off and the new comment policy wasn’t covering the older posts. Faced with the task […]

Let’s lead off with Glenn Beck’s ten kinds of awesome remix of Reagan’s speech on socialized medicine. Go listen and then pass it on. Remember Retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honore of Katrina fame? He’s one ofthe few people who stepped up and restored order when everyone else lost their minds. So it goes in Shreveport […]

I’m currently getting spammed all to hell and back so – I have to go to a registration style comment system. If you want to comment, please register. This site does not track stats, it does not keep an email list for any reason.

President Obama’s writers have been working overtime perfecting tomorrow’s eulogy of HR3200 otherwise known as the KennedyCare Death Panel Bill. While it’s true Obama was officially on vacation it’s no accident that he chose his vacation spot as close to the only person who could feasibly save HR 3200 – alive or — preferably — […]

Carlos Miller, who is a flaming liberal, but I like him anyway because he’s all about the camera and the online media and seldom shoves Obama in my face, has a post about the Miami Herald going after blogger RandomPixels for copyright infringement. This could get interesting. Left and Right bloggers can all agree on […]

And may I just add – Holy $hit. Brutal Truth. Without some type of faith, people can remain in a state of ravenous hunger, as needy and frightened as a little lost child. They’re looking for something, but all the roads are blocked off. The only door leading to safety has been shut in their […]

Claire McCaskill has thrown down the gauntlet. If you don’t like how she has represented the district then vote her out of office. She double dog dares you. She said this as she was lying through her teeth about Republicans because the trick to getting elected these days is to lie like a rug, something […]

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