First up. A huge thanks to Pat for the Welcome Back and to Adrienne for the kind comment. We need to get the rest of the gang back on the ball and online. I’m looking at you Pundette and others. Just as I have never like Chris Christie, Mark Levin has never like Karl Rove. […]

The book is finished and released off into the wild so I can relax a little now that my brain has unscrambled. Where were we? Reading the news I see that Newsweek is comparing Barack Obama to the Anti-Christ and that’s cool. It’s good that Newsweek clearly has no idea what the hell they are […]

Go read this rant by Bernie Goldberg for your feel good article of the day. “envy is a powerful force, most Americans would have no problem if taxes were to go up on the so-called rich. Why should they care, they would figure? “My taxes aren’t going up.”” Yeah. He said it. I second that […]

Today’s Quote: “No man should have to debate on his wedding anniversary, but that still doesn’t excuse Obama’s dismal performance in Denver Wednesday night. ” ~ Myriam Marquez at the Miami Herald Let me start by saying I can’t stand Myriam Marquez’s writing. Not because she is a die hard liberal, but because she lacks […]

“(…)over the last few months her indecisiveness has been a major turn off. Palin was like that hot girl in high school who did not want to date you, but did not want you to date anyone else.” ~ “What May Very Well Be My Last Word on Sarah Palin”, Eye of Polyphemus “Well, which […]

Pundit & Pundette’s love of writer Mark Steyn … you know at first I ignored it because I’d never heard of him, which should tell you how seldom I listen to Rush, and how limited my reading of conservative web sites is … eventually I clicked through and read a few articles and ultimately I […]

So I was reading an opinion piece by Brittni Smyers Hill on Foster children These tormented children and youths go on to infest the criminal justice system at a rate of one in four. To put this in perspective, the average person is as likely to win a free side of fries in McDonald’s monopoly […]

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