Clouds part. The sun shines down. Obama leads us from the dark ages into the promised land. Hallelujah! Everybody join hands now – wait – hand sanitizer first – ok – join hands and sing praise Obama. It was lead pipes in Roman times that caused the mass insanity. What do you suppose it is […]

If only Romney and the elites had gone after Obama the way they are going after Trump. This is unbelievable. I wanted Ben Carson. Everyone said they wanted an honorable, honest, intellent candidate. Clearly they wanted a freak show instead. But the Republican party is now a servant of the Democratic party. Gutless wonders willing […]

I friended Chris Wysocki on Facebook this week because I read his blog regularly and he accepted even though I am a total stranger. Chris :-) Thanks for the add but you need to be careful who you friend on Facebook. That place is a viper pit of hackers, liberals, identity thieves and an ungodly […]

Today’s Quote: “Everyone knows it was a tough race out there. But when you have all the money in the world, spend those resources—in the long run, money usually wins out,” said the aide.” ~ When you have “all the money in the world” you usually win, except this time money did not win. […]

… but they created the virus. Sitting on a clip stand where family photographs and important notes hang out on my desk is a filled out form, signed, in the envelope, addressed and stamped, containing a change from Republican (Since I registered at 18) to Independent. I was a Republican before I could even register. […]

The fight’s on. Most Americans are familiar with signs of divorce in their home and acutely aware when relations between mom and dad are dead. I hesitated to post anything when the extended Hawaii “Birthday Present” went down, because it’s their personal business … even though we are paying for the fight. Not a typo. […]

I keep a mix of friends from all political views with the possible exception of anarchy … I think I converted the anarchist. Wasn’t easy. They all seem to be converging onto one point: The people who think they rule us in D.C. are dangerous idiots. I see no mercy in the Facebook posts or […]

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