I friended Chris Wysocki on Facebook this week because I read his blog regularly and he accepted even though I am a total stranger. Chris :-) Thanks for the add but you need to be careful who you friend on Facebook. That place is a viper pit of hackers, liberals, identity thieves and an ungodly […]

“Step One: Form a shadow government using humanitarian aid as cover. ” ~ How to collapse a government While I don’t think we are ever past the point where we follow current events (Does anyone care or believe that Obama enjoys shooting guns? No.) every now and again it’s nice to just step back and […]

My family is a mix of American Indian, European Jew, British, Irish … and who the hell knows what skeletons are in the closet that no one talked about. It’s not a pretty picture so if you are envisioning some eclectic mix of melting pot happiness, don’t. On my mother’s side her Irish father was […]

I have another blog where I talk about the kidney thing with my husband, but there’s someone else just setting out so I thought I’d give her a mention and an update on us here. There is a rumor rippling through the wait list that the Obama administration is talking about changing the way cadaver […]

When I left Tucson, Arizona after a five year stay to live in Puerto Rico I knew I wasn’t heading into a home any more or less prone to violent crime. My last year in Tucson helicopters chasing bad guys through my neighborhood, and in my yard, was a regular occurance. In the house next […]

Lunch break post. I’ve been watching Big Brother since season one and the online feeds. In every season there’s some seriously messed up individuals and more ofthen than not, unless you watch the live feeds you would never know by the edits for tv just HOW off the wall they were. Deanne1233 at RealityBBQ compiled […]

I don’t know if it was a staged question. Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times has run afoul of Obama before, so it may be she was asked to ask this completely off topic query in the last five minutes to retore her standing in the Obama Media Corps. Was it a ploy to […]

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