Joan’s snark on Obama and Mrs O was not said in a black hole and as soon as she said it I wondered what retaliation would be coming her way. I thought about Paula Dean and Brittany Murphy and others for whom retaliation was not long in coming for publicly disrespecting the President. Was it […]

I feel IQ points draining out of my head every time the President speaks and I just don’t think I can bring myself to watch another one. There have been posts saying this speech will be historic in that the President is finally going to spell out his Marxist agenda and rip the Constitution up […]

I had plans this weekend to write 12,000 words and finish off my novel. I took Friday off from work because my husband and I were going out with friends. I had a lot of errands to run. The bad news started early and was just relentless all day on Friday. My daughter is in […]

Well not … bright, exactly … I guess. Um. I mean we can’t pretend what’s happened hasn’t just happened and if your brain hasn’t completely shut down you are completely aware of what comes next. But I was thinking, in a nihlist, voyeuristic kind of way … and I do have kids so I am […]

Last week I spent a day in a courtroom waiting for Jury selection to progress. The questions of potential jurors were asinine, boring and way-the-hell personal, prompting my fellow potential jurors to engage the “too much information” gear a little too hard. People aparently did not take note of the part where they were warned, […]

There are a few people here on Earth, that, when they leave, literally suck the air out the room, and take it with them. They die and deep down, you just know they are pissed off to be dead. They weren’t done upending the human race out of their beds and shaking them all awake. […]