Today’s Quote: “Everyone knows it was a tough race out there. But when you have all the money in the world, spend those resources—in the long run, money usually wins out,” said the aide.” ~ When you have “all the money in the world” you usually win, except this time money did not win. […]

The book is finished and released off into the wild so I can relax a little now that my brain has unscrambled. Where were we? Reading the news I see that Newsweek is comparing Barack Obama to the Anti-Christ and that’s cool. It’s good that Newsweek clearly has no idea what the hell they are […]

Today’s Quote: “No man should have to debate on his wedding anniversary, but that still doesn’t excuse Obama’s dismal performance in Denver Wednesday night. ” ~ Myriam Marquez at the Miami Herald Let me start by saying I can’t stand Myriam Marquez’s writing. Not because she is a die hard liberal, but because she lacks […]

“(…)over the last few months her indecisiveness has been a major turn off. Palin was like that hot girl in high school who did not want to date you, but did not want you to date anyone else.” ~ “What May Very Well Be My Last Word on Sarah Palin”, Eye of Polyphemus “Well, which […]