“Step One: Form a shadow government using humanitarian aid as cover. ” ~ How to collapse a government While I don’t think we are ever past the point where we follow current events (Does anyone care or believe that Obama enjoys shooting guns? No.) every now and again it’s nice to just step back and […]

I’ve decided that as much as Pat (And So It Goes in Shreveport) hates cats? I hate beer. It appears we will continue to torture each other with cat\beer photos for a few more days at least. Althouse posts a question: “Oh, now, now… is Hemingway actually deeper than your favorite blog?” as she blogs […]


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I don’t know what is more disturbing, the wedding or the fact that she is wearing a Michelle Obama Boob-Belt. Fashion note: If you have boobs, you don’t need to wear that style. You don’t. It just makes you look fat. Self Explanatory: Limbaugh: ‘Why Isn’t $6 Trillion a Year Enough to Fix Potholes?’ Ahahahahahahaha! […]