Tropical Storm Isaac is apprently going to become Hurricane Isaac tonight just before it hits me. I realize it’s self centered and arrogant to say that it’s going to hit me when, in fact, it’s going to hit all of us here in the Florida Keys, but it WILL be hitting me some time on […]

Book Two in Pogress  

Definition: Cloth bag filled with stuffing to support a reclining head. Description: Most home décor gifts end up in the Charity bin or the closet. Give a gift they will keep out on display, close enough to foul the very air they breathe. Each pillow case is hand made lace over watered silk, stuffed with […]

It is off season in Everglades City, just east of Naples Florida and deep in the mosquito infested swamp of the Everglades. It’s rivers lead into the 10,000 islands that end at Cape Sable which is where the huge Florida Aquifer flushes out into the Florida Bay. September is the dead season in this town […]

For some weird reason President Obama would rather we didn’t remember that day in September and he wants us to, instead, focus on service. I’m not sure what kind of service he means, exactly. Clearly he doesn’t think much of military service or the service that our first responders provide our communities and country. He […]

When I took Kid Two to move into the dorm in Key West for his first semester of college it had been quite awhile since I’d been down there and I probably passed Baby’s Coffee many times before and never noticed because I didn’t start drinking coffee until about a year ago. Didn’t drink coffee, […]

Here in the Florida Keys most of us genuinely hate the wind. It kicks up bottom in the ocean making the fishing difficult and the diving impossible. The waves are too high for the smaller boats to even consider going out and gives the big boats second thoughts. Most of us just sort of zen-the-hell-out, […]

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