Today’s epic read In 1998 Bill Clinton admitted he had had a sexual relationship with Flowers. Another item, headlined “Women,” referred to Elizabeth Ward and Lencola Sullivan, also rumored to have had relationships with Bill. “Elizabeth Ward … determine attitude & check out background; Any Reep connections? When does Playboy come out?” One of the […]

…but first, a question. What the hell has happened to the conservative blog-o-sphere? I took a few months off. I admit it. Sometimes a blogger needs to take a break, get some perspective, reassess the situation and come back refreshed. But what I see now are dead bogs littering the web, blogs like Pundit & […]

Let’s go there shall we? According to CNN Marco Rubio taking a sip from a bottle of water during a speech after the SotU badness was a career ender. Dear CNN, Sadly? There is no one left to explain the obvious to you amongst your peers so I shall take a stab at it. Rubio […]

. Is there anything funnier than another day of people begging Chris Christy to run for President. You know I am not a fan, right? I think I’ve mentioned that. The real question should be, why hasn’t Palin joined the lists? Links Layoff greeting cards. growth industry trending up to the rafters and I know […]