I friended Chris Wysocki on Facebook this week because I read his blog regularly and he accepted even though I am a total stranger. Chris :-) Thanks for the add but you need to be careful who you friend on Facebook. That place is a viper pit of hackers, liberals, identity thieves and an ungodly […]

The fight’s on. Most Americans are familiar with signs of divorce in their home and acutely aware when relations between mom and dad are dead. I hesitated to post anything when the extended Hawaii “Birthday Present” went down, because it’s their personal business … even though we are paying for the fight. Not a typo. […]

I honesty do not know any conservative women who would use the word “Feminist” to define themselves or who would preen publicly that they “made it” all by themselves. When Hillary Clinton made her famous case that “it takes a village to raise a child” she alluded to the need for government to raise kids […]

I had to turn Glenn Beck off this morning because, for once, he was making sense to me. I have not hidden my intense dislike of The Grinch on this blog. Who the hell has to take an oath of fidelity to their wife? And IF you are the kind of person for whom this […]

Yeah. I don’t remember that time either, actually. So. Where do things stand in the race for President, now that everyone’s favorite John has dropped out? We’ve got Newt who has the integrity and morality of an alley cat, but an impressive IQ … which means he knows the shit he does is wrong, and […]