Alec Baldwin has bowed out of public life with a final magnum opus that I actually read all the way to the end on my iPhone this morning. Ironically, a majority of Mr. Baldwin’s issues stem from the fact that everyone has an iPhone and they are taking his picture and posting it to Twitter […]

Today’s epic read In 1998 Bill Clinton admitted he had had a sexual relationship with Flowers. Another item, headlined “Women,” referred to Elizabeth Ward and Lencola Sullivan, also rumored to have had relationships with Bill. “Elizabeth Ward … determine attitude & check out background; Any Reep connections? When does Playboy come out?” One of the […]

…but first, a question. What the hell has happened to the conservative blog-o-sphere? I took a few months off. I admit it. Sometimes a blogger needs to take a break, get some perspective, reassess the situation and come back refreshed. But what I see now are dead bogs littering the web, blogs like Pundit & […]

North Korea’s web site is unavailable, currently, so I have no idea what’s really going on with the world according to Garp. Fox News is kitsching out on every Easter visual trigger ever conceived by marketing: Bouquets of flowers, Peeps, bunnies, pets in bunny costumes, miracles of animal survival, miracles of people survival, avalanches of […]

Let’s go there shall we? According to CNN Marco Rubio taking a sip from a bottle of water during a speech after the SotU badness was a career ender. Dear CNN, Sadly? There is no one left to explain the obvious to you amongst your peers so I shall take a stab at it. Rubio […]

Well the party season has begun. What are the super rich trend setters wearing? Michael Kors The material looks like it was recycled from that cool gold crinkley material they used on the lunar lander. so it’s green. The style? Hides a multitude of figure flaws but is not all that flattering. I give it […]

Every once in awhile it’s important to step away from it all, give the worls some space, and observe it from a safe distance … prefereably while listening to Billy Holliday (40′s Jazz) or Jimmy Cliff (80′s Reggae). Don’t think. Don’t try to make sense of it all. Just listen, read and feel the ozone […]

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