Everyone is acting all shocked that ISIS was able to organize and set up a government so quickly. HotAir has a nice break down of the news-bits on it. Glenn Beck, YEARS AGO, had audio of conventions where they were mapping it all out. So of course they’ve had all the meetings, laid up the […]

If there were no WMD’s in Iraq, how is it possible ISIS is getting “Saddam’s” chemical weapons and 80 pounds of nuclear material? From Steyn: ~We all know there are no WMDs in Iraq. Because we all know that Bush lied about WMDs in Iraq. Because we’ve all seen those protests saying “Bush lied, people […]

Alec Baldwin has bowed out of public life with a final magnum opus that I actually read all the way to the end on my iPhone this morning. Ironically, a majority of Mr. Baldwin’s issues stem from the fact that everyone has an iPhone and they are taking his picture and posting it to Twitter […]

Today’s epic read In 1998 Bill Clinton admitted he had had a sexual relationship with Flowers. Another item, headlined “Women,” referred to Elizabeth Ward and Lencola Sullivan, also rumored to have had relationships with Bill. “Elizabeth Ward … determine attitude & check out background; Any Reep connections? When does Playboy come out?” One of the […]

…but first, a question. What the hell has happened to the conservative blog-o-sphere? I took a few months off. I admit it. Sometimes a blogger needs to take a break, get some perspective, reassess the situation and come back refreshed. But what I see now are dead bogs littering the web, blogs like Pundit & […]

North Korea’s web site is unavailable, currently, so I have no idea what’s really going on with the world according to Garp. Fox News is kitsching out on every Easter visual trigger ever conceived by marketing: Bouquets of flowers, Peeps, bunnies, pets in bunny costumes, miracles of animal survival, miracles of people survival, avalanches of […]

Let’s go there shall we? According to CNN Marco Rubio taking a sip from a bottle of water during a speech after the SotU badness was a career ender. Dear CNN, Sadly? There is no one left to explain the obvious to you amongst your peers so I shall take a stab at it. Rubio […]

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