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For the past several months I have been slammed by spam. I manage many websites and this is the only one being hit, so it’s essentially a denial of service type abuse. Politics. What can you do. Pundit and Pundette is completely neutralized and so are many of the conservative blogs of old. This past […]

First up. A huge thanks to Pat for the Welcome Back and to Adrienne for the kind comment. We need to get the rest of the gang back on the ball and online. I’m looking at you Pundette and others. Just as I have never like Chris Christie, Mark Levin has never like Karl Rove. […]

The Obama years have been rolling out pretty much as I expected and Chris Christie has turned out just as I predicted. I see that Pat is back on the grind stone so I have no excuse for slacking. I have been watching Karl Rove implode into a mass of mismatched Machiavellian message mush and […]

Dude. Roy Edroso – probably a perv ;-) linked me in a collage of outrage from the right blogs on Barack Obama’s ad asking you to let him be your guy for your first time. The ad convinced some rightbloggers that Obama was after their daughters. “BARACK IS BANGING YOUR DAUGHTER,” cried Bride of Rove. […]