Sometime after the second election of President Obama I suspect many of us blogging got a glimpse of the very bad future rolling out across the country and the globe.  Many of us stopped talking politics of any kind, anywhere.  You know why?  Because many of us remember our moms telling us to never […]

Two Quotes just after the Obama election: Markos Moulitsas Zúniga “…we have an imperative to take advantage of a historic opportunity to break the conservative movement’s backs and crush their spirits.” Glen Greenwald – Salon ” The most important aspect of this Tuesday’s election is to finalize their humiliating repudiation and to bury them for […]

jk. Bombs are dropping on Syria and the President is actually at another fundraiser and will probably squeeze in some golf later today. I’m not making that up. Watching the news for a bit last night I was wondering; are we at war? Because I can’t tell anymore. I think we might be. France was […]

Joan’s snark on Obama and Mrs O was not said in a black hole and as soon as she said it I wondered what retaliation would be coming her way. I thought about Paula Dean and Brittany Murphy and others for whom retaliation was not long in coming for publicly disrespecting the President. Was it […]

Hopefully I’ve closed the holes and can keep this blog stable.  We’ll see.

True Blood Season 7 Episode 5 “Return to Oz” Writer: Craig Chester Created By: Alan Ball I hate to link HuffPo but they are the only hardcore hold outs still watching the HBO series in it’s last season, True Blood. In last nights’ episode (and I could give a rat’s ass if this is a […]

For some, yes. But if you were hoping for a plane to fall from the sky to distract the news from the Border Crisis, IRS Scandal, VA Scandal and the hundred other screw ups … well? I can see how you might be torn on this one. I feel a game of golf and […]

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