When all is said and done, Civilizations do not fall because of the barbarians at the gates. Nor does a great city fall from the death wish of bored and morally bankrupt stewards presumably sworn to its defense. Civilizations fall only because each citizen of the city comes to accept that nothing can be done […]

What a perfect description of our commander in chief. Charles Krauthammer talks about the President’s statement on the Ukraine … Krauthammer thinks Obama’s statement is about “three levels removed” from actual action. He explained: Obama said “we will stand with the international community — meaning we are going to negotiate with a dozen other countries […]

Alec Baldwin has bowed out of public life with a final magnum opus that I actually read all the way to the end on my iPhone this morning. Ironically, a majority of Mr. Baldwin’s issues stem from the fact that everyone has an iPhone and they are taking his picture and posting it to Twitter […]

… but they created the virus. Sitting on a clip stand where family photographs and important notes hang out on my desk is a filled out form, signed, in the envelope, addressed and stamped, containing a change from Republican (Since I registered at 18) to Independent. I was a Republican before I could even register. […]

Today’s Quote: “(…) the Federal Communications Commission’s plans to put government monitors in TV and radio newsrooms to assess their coverage of eight “critical information needs”, and “underserved populations”. ~ Steyn Ironically the public seems to have no need of actual information … I want to see their official definition of underserved populations, actually.

The Other McCain posted about the predicted break down in Venezuela. Socialism: People keep on trying it, and it keeps on failing. A facebook friend sent me this video On the 826 Palmetto Expy yesterday morning the Solo Cup overpass artists (think LA Story road sign god only human and Dixie cups) wrote. SOS Venezuela!!! […]

Did he? I am reading the transcript and I think that he did … Obama Today in America, a teacher spent extra time with a student who needed it, and did her part to lift America’s graduation rate to its highest level in more than three decades. An entrepreneur flipped on the lights in her […]

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