The moderator and Gigolo Joe are tag teaming interrupting Paul Ryan. Even so, he’s answering respectfully and patiently. Joe is smirking and making faces and just generally being an ass. Effective? Meh. He’s taking the Daily Kos tact. You will recall these quotes Markos Moulitsas Zúniga “…we have an imperative to take advantage of a […]

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Let me just say that I am crushed. On his radio program today he told listeners “don’t waste your money on a Kindle”. He said he has one and he hates it. He went on to say that … he wants it to be a tablet pc. No. That’s really what he described. He said […]

Go to Gateway for the real round up. I’m just live snarking over here. Listening to C-Span 3. Obama is talking … and talking … and talking … and all I hear is: Blah. Blah Blah. Blah Blah Blah Blah. Obama: “What it is … pause …. is setting up a baseline of blah blah […]

At six fifteen pm I tuned in on my way to a soccer mom meeting – it’s football now but I still call it a soccer mom meeting because I hate change these days, though I never did before -and it was Hannity repeating himself. That was wierd. When I got out of the meeting, […]

Ok, yes – NPR again. My cell phone needed charging and I can’t plug in Sirius and the cell phone at the same time. Morning Edition Wednesday, September 22, 2009 Segment:Europe – French Police Raze Camp Used By Illegal Immigrants. Desperate to reach Britain, the immigrants try to hide in trucks and cross the […]

Today I continued my travels around the radio dial on the drive home by listening to OnPoint with Tom Ashbrook and tonight’s topic was – of all things – Acorn. Carol Leonnig of WaPo lead off the explainer with research that sounded suspiciously like she watches Glenn Beck. Shocking, I know, but his last few […]

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