Lean forward is the new NBC slogan and I never fully understood it until this morning. My husband was on a tear over a case that he disagreed with … it went something like this last night: (warning – graphic language) . . . . . . . O1: We have to throw everything we’ve […]

This is a quick post because I can’t stop laughing long enough to really do it justice but I read the news about Eric Holder last night and OMGWTFBBQ! The guy has.no.soul Unbelievable. This phrase: “That directly contradicts his statement to Congress.” Ahahahahahahahaha! It’s talking about him saying he didn’t really know about Fast and […]

Was it Mike Church? I think that it was. Levin called Mike Church a “neo-confederate”, “a schmuck”, and “a kook” last night and was mocking his calls for a rewrite of the Constitution. Actually, I don’t remember Church talking about rewriting it, he wants to declare it a null and void contract because the Federal […]

Someone want to translate this email for me? The writer of this email has clearly been hanging out in the nuclear power plant spent rod cooling pool just like Ann told them to … ANN COULTER IS EXCELLENT what she does is use the left’s tactics to expose it’s own hypocrisy. Check out everyone of […]

What a crying shame. I so look forward to this time of year because this is when the O-Team ramp up their vacation trips and head out to anywhere but here.Last year they squeezed in ten I believe. Acadia national Park in Maine, Spain , Pensacola … I lost track. P.O.’s golf game is getting […]

It’s true my mind can’t handle his greatness and I’ve only seen one or two episodes of his show and I’m not a fan of his work, but the way his mind functions on fifteen cylinders is EPIC, man … EPIC. Go read this interview He has me right up until he says he’s at […]

This may be completely unfounded, but — ever since Karl Rove lost his mind — I have felt some peer pressure (given the name of this blog) to comment. Until now? I had no theory to explain what’s happening other than thumb-sucking. Until now. Then I read a post on The Oracle’s blog where a […]

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