The President has been taking Sheen’s course on Winning. Very entertaining. That speech yesterday? Winning! Not talking to Mitch McConnell for six years? Winning! Making it a certainty the your party may never recover in your lifetime? Winning! I feel a game of golf and some Michael Jordan smack talk coming on.

Two Quotes just after the Obama election:

Markos Moulitsas Zúniga

“…we have an imperative to take advantage of a historic opportunity to break the conservative movement’s backs and crush their spirits.”

Glen Greenwald – Salon

” The most important aspect of this Tuesday’s election is to finalize their humiliating repudiation and to bury them for what they’ve done.”

So. Pardon me for this but fuck both of you Markos and Glen.

That is all. :-)

For the past several months I have been slammed by spam. I manage many websites and this is the only one being hit, so it’s essentially a denial of service type abuse. Politics. What can you do. Pundit and Pundette is completely neutralized and so are many of the conservative blogs of old. This past decade has been the most vicious and aggressive time in my experience politically. Just to spite these asshats I should blog more often. As Breitbart said, If you are taking flack you must be over the target.




Bombs are dropping on Syria and the President is actually at another fundraiser and will probably squeeze in some golf later today. I’m not making that up.

Watching the news for a bit last night I was wondering; are we at war? Because I can’t tell anymore. I think we might be. France was actually the first to start bombing Syria which makes it the Fall fashionable thing. The President’s “Leading From Behind” Doctrine is secure. We were not the first. Watch for this to be his pattern in all things. In retaliation ISIS has a French citizen who was on vacation somewhere he probably should not have been and they say he’s next on deck because France as first. That tactic actually works on the French. Until and unless Russia joins in, ISIS could probably care less who bombs them. Beslan repeat has been threatened but Russia is not biting.

There’s no financial gain or power to be had in this fear fight.

The real war is online … and the enemy is in our house even as we speak.

Joan’s snark on Obama and Mrs O was not said in a black hole and as soon as she said it I wondered what retaliation would be coming her way. I thought about Paula Dean and Brittany Murphy and others for whom retaliation was not long in coming for publicly disrespecting the President.

Was it a coincidental accident? Like Breitbart’s odd and early exit? We will probably never know.

Sigh. RIP Ms Rivers. You were funny and very brave and you will be missed.

Hopefully I’ve closed the holes and can keep this blog stable.  We’ll see.